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Titration: Oral vs. Inhalation

Titration (incremental adjustment of dosage) is a crucial concept for medical cannabis patients to embrace. For all methods of ingestion, we encourage patients to find their M.E.D. (Minimum Effective Dose). Not only is this important for the first time user, but it’s also important for any patient trying a cannabis method or product they’ve never used before. The spectrum of experiences is vast and particular, and what works for one (or even 100) users, may not work for you.

Your minimum effective dose may be a couple of puffs from a joint, a single drop of tincture, or several inhalations from a vaporizer pen. The best way to discover it is to start with a small amount, wait an appropriate amount of time, and then take another small dose. Using this method can help you find your optimal balance of effects.

If you are using cannabis regularly and find your tolerance rising, you may want to consider taking a ‘tolerance break’. Abstaining from cannabis anywhere from a few days to several weeks will reset your relationship with the plant – as well as your endocannabinoid receptors. This will increase your sensitivity to cannabis’ effects, so make sure you start with a minimal dose when returning to cannabis use.

Oral cannabis products require a more in-depth discussion of safe use because of the considerable strength and duration of their effects, which we go over in the graphic above. For more info regarding our oral cannabis products, please see here

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